Jim Clark Retirement TM goes to great lengths to make sure its clients are given accurate information and treated
with truthfulness and honesty by its employees.

MANY internal controls have been installed, and an independent private investigations firm has been secured to make sure things are done properly.  IF we inadvertently hire a bad actor, we'll know it in a heartbeat, and he or she will be GONE.

"I’m the President of Poorman Curtis, Inc., an Indianapolis based private investigations firm.  I recently met Jim Clark when he was searching for a private investigator to assist in the development and maintenance of his company’s Quality Assurance Program.  It is Mr. Clark’s desire that every client of Jim Clark Retirement receives accurate and truthful counsel, ergo, his willingness to invest the time and money to have our investigations firm involved.  Our firm is proud to represent Jim Clark Retirement in this capacity.  We will use our 20 years of investigative experience to help assure the integrity of the work that is done."

Don Poorman
Poorman Curtis, Inc.


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