​"Guaranteed, Safe Annuity
How to protect your retirement savings"

is an easy-to-read explanation of the Guaranteed, Safe Annuity TM, a powerful way to protect your retirement savings.  The Guaranteed, Safe Annuity TM is safe, it pays an excellent return, the interest grows tax deferred, and at death not one penny is lost in probate.  If you want to make sure your retirement savings are safe, and earning an excellent return, you won’t want to miss reading this exciting book!


It has been both my pleasure and great experience to have known Jim Clark for the last 36 years. At the time of our first encounter we were both new to our journeys in the life insurance industry which, while taking us in different directions, nonetheless provided us a platform for our continued professional growth.

Jim's knowledge of personal retirement planning and the techniques used to build wealth to provide a guaranteed income in retirement is second to none. No one is better equipped to address the subject of retirement planning than he is. His earlier book, Retire Younger, Richer | Hoe to Build $1,000,000.00 Private Retirement Plan TM, has, along with professional retirement counseling, directed many Americans to carefully and prudently plan for a peace of mind retirement without fear. Thus, the years lived in retirement can be spent in the enjoyment of pleasurable pursuits.

It is my hope that as you read Jim’s book, you will understand the safety and reliability of an annuity as compared to the stock market and other equity investments. Make sure you are one of the “Haves” and not a “Have Not”. Act today and guarantee your financial future.

Robert R. Bowsher, BS, MBA, CLU, ChFC