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Jim Clark is an American Business Owner,
Author, and Publisher.

He is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Indianapolis-based Jim Clark Retirement TM, the Number One retirement planning firm of its kind in America.  He is the Founder of the retirement planning industry.  His books and articles on retirement planning have been published in the United States, Canada, and Africa.  His radio and television broadcasts on retirement planning have reached millions of American homes.  He created the Qualified Retirement Planner | QRP TM academic designation.

Clark is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Jim Clark Foundation TM, a foundation dedicated to feeding hungry American children.

Clark is the Founder and General Partner of J. Charles Clark Consulting, LP, a consulting firm that provides consultation relative to business development.

Clark is an internationally published author and award-winning romantic poet.  His flagship poem, “May I Dream?”, won the International Poetry Society’s coveted “Editor’s Choice Award”.  His books on retirement and estate planning have been heralded as powerful tomes in their capacity to communicate complicated topics in everyday language.

Clark is a newspaper columnist.  He is the author of “Dear James | Relationship Keys for the Modern Woman”, a romance column for the 21st Century woman.  He is a Member in Good Standing of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Clark is a radio and television producer.  His flagship television program, “Jim Clark Presents”, consistently garners Nielsen ratings.  His radio broadcast, “Jim Clark Live”, has broken all records for broadcasting excellence in its category.

Clark is a nationally recognized public speaker.  He has spoken coast-to-coast to tens of thousands on retirement planning, business development, and personal growth.

Clark is a nationally-recognized professional trainer.  His workshops and seminars on business development have been credited with doubling and tripling attendees’ income.  His flagship seminar, “Stop Prospecting and Start Selling”, has been recognized as one of the best-attended seminars in the 200-year history of the insurance business.

Clark has been profiled in Success magazine as one of America’s leading “Comeback Success Stories”.  He is listed in “The National Registry of Who’s Who” and the “U.S. Registry’s Who’s Who among Outstanding Americans”.

Clark is an extreme athlete.  For leisure, he enjoys bodybuilding, running, cycling, cliff diving, climbing, swimming, traveling, reading, fine dining, symphony, theater, cooking, dancing, painting, and the study of Latin, Italian, literature, world history, quantum physics and the Declaration of Independence.  Clark is an accomplished musician, equestrian, and outdoorsman.