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$1,000.00 per hour or flat rate for the event

$10,000.00 non-refundable deposit due at contract signing, balance due ten days prior to wheels up.

10-hour minimum billed wheels up to wheels down from Indianapolis International Airport or current location, plus first-class air for one, business-class air for one, 5-star hotel accommodations and meals for two, plus ground transportation by executive limo.

Special rates available for conventions and special events.

Travel arrangements made by J. Charles Clark Consulting.


Jim Clark LiveWeb
Webinar 2 hours - $1,000.00
Jim Clark Webinars are powerful two-hour educational experiences.  During the first part, Clark explains his iconic statement: "If you want to sell more life insurance, stop selling life insurance and start selling retirement planning".  He divulges and explains his seven-word power sentence that has secured thousands of sales appointments.  
The second part is a live Q&A.  Agents across America have doubled and tripled their life and annuity production virtually overnight by using the Jim Clark techniques taught in this webinar.

“Stop Prospecting and Start Selling”
Seminar 1 day - $35,000.00
This seminar tells how to use television to attract pre-qualified, motivated prospects who will call the agent for an appointment and drive to his office to buy.  It explains the psychology behind positioning oneself in the marketplace as a retirement planner as opposed to an insurance agent.  It outlines, step-by-step, how to use the “Jim Clark Process” to take a lead from inception to close.  This is a POWERFUL seminar.

“How to Build $1,000,000.00 
Retirement Planning Practice”
Seminar 3 days - $75,000.00

This seminar is an expansion and in-depth training of the “Stop Prospecting and Start Selling” seminar.  It teaches the agent, step-by-step, how to use the "Jim Clark Process” to build a profitable retirement planning practice.  It teaches him how to position himself in the marketplace as an expert on retirement planning and how to cause prospects to treat him like a professional instead of a salesman.
Topics covered:
- how to use television to attract pre-qualified, motivated prospects who will call the agent for an appointment and drive to his office to buy.

- how to use Jim Clark’s outstanding book: “Retire Younger, Richer | How to Build $1,000,000.00 Retirement Plan TM” to earn millions of dollars in commissions (one agent made over $14,000.00 on one case from one book).

- how to build a successful Scheduling Department, and how to use the scripts to make the most out of every lead received.

- how to build a successful New Business Department to keep track of an unlimited number of cases (the speaker once wrote 23 applications in one day).

- how to build a successful Client Service Department to keep the business on the books (the speaker maintained 100% persistency), and how to keep the clients coming back to buy more year after year.

- how to sell, how to have 100% closing rate, and how to ask one question that will cause 80% of the new clients to make an additional purchase when they take delivery of their original product.

This is a POWERFUL seminar.  Watch the Results video to see how it has changed the lives of agents nationwide.

“NEVER Quit | How to pick yourself up and start over”
Speech 1 hour - $20,000.00
This speech covers what to do when you crash and burn.  After achieving meteoric success the speaker did just that, he lost everything for which he had worked a lifetime.  He lost his business, his fortune, his health, and his family; he lost everything except his faith in God and his determination to succeed.

During his attempt to recover the speaker was the target of what has been called the worst case of character assassination by internet in the history of the internet; he was arrested and jailed due to an administrative error by his attorney; and he was the subject of a middle-of-the-night murder attempt by which he was almost assassinated.

Whether you are on top of your game or at the bottom, enjoying success or fighting failure, you do not want to miss this message.  It will encourage your heart and empower you like nothing you’ve ever heard.  Attendees receive a complimentary copy of the speaker’s outstanding book: “Character Assassination by Internet | a case study”.
“Bad Dad | Good Dad – A real-life hell hole”  

Speech 1 hour - $20,000.00
This speech chronicles the childhood of a young boy who was raised in an alcoholic, dangerous, hell hole.  It describes the violence, the fear, the humiliation, the desperation, and the almost unbearable loneliness of being raised in that type of environment.  Most importantly, it describes how the presence of Jesus saved the child from a life drugs, prison, or death.  Attendees receive a complimentary copy of the speaker’s outstanding book: “Bad Dad | Good Dad – A real-life hell hole”.  Special fee waiver available for selected organizations.​