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​​"Retire Younger, Richer
How to Build $1,000,000.00 Private Retirement Plan"

is an easy-to-read explanation of the Private Retirement Plan TM, the most powerful retirement plan available today.  The Private Retirement Plan TM is safe, it pays an excellent return, the interest grows tax deferred, and at retirement it provides an income on which you pay no tax.  If you want to retire younger, richer, you won’t want to miss reading this exciting book!

 ​"I read Jim Clark’s book on the Private Retirement Plan.  The next day I called to establish FOUR Private Retirement Plans; one for myself and one for each of my adult daughters.  I wish I had heard of the Private Retirement Plan a long time ago."
"I met Jim Clark and his Private Retirement Plan TM in 2001. While I had been practicing business law and estate planning for some time, I was relatively new to the then freshly burgeoning field of Retirement Planning for Middle America.  At the very outset, I was thoroughly impressed with the simplicity, power, and effectiveness of Jim Clark’s Private Retirement Plan. For once, it appeared the tables would be turned in favor of the working man and woman. From that time to this day, I have used the Private Retirement Plan TM for hundreds of my own clients as well as for myself.  In my nearly 30 years of legal practice, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, seen a system that is as right for clients as it is for the practitioner as is the Private Retirement Plan TM created by Jim Clark.

So, if you are a working man or woman and want to know why you’re falling behind, this book, Retire Younger Richer will tell you EXACTLY why as well as show you how to transform your situation.  If you are a financial professional and want to TRULY help your clients and stand head and shoulders above the competition, Retire Younger Richer will also show you how to do just that… and so much more.  Jim Clark is not only a truly brilliant man, my mentor, and colleague, he is also my friend. And it is with my highest recommendation I commend this book Retire Younger Richer to anyone who wants to change their financial life.  Read Retire Younger Richer, implement its directives, and just see what happens.

Kevin O. Pritchett, Esq. 
Law Office of Kevin Pritchett, Inc.
Oak Brook, IL

Kevin O. Pritchett, Esq. is a practicing attorney with over 29 years’ experience in estate planning and corporate transactional law. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1979, and his Juris Doctorate, JD, from University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law in 1985. Mr. Pritchett also attended Medical School for one year at University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Mr. Pritchett completed a judicial externship on the United States Federal Appeals Court Ninth Circuit for Judge Stephen Reinhardt. Mr. Pritchett has appeared as a guest expert on radio, television and other speaking engagements on the topic of estate planning, tax as well as other corporate business topic