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Retail Running Events TM

are unique events that help raise awareness in the local community that there ARE hungry children in America.  

This unusual event is an event during which the runner runs non-stop on a treadmill stationed in front of the Host Merchant’s business for up to 12 hours.  

During the event customers coming and going receive a free copy of Jim Clark's outstanding book:  "Bad Dad Good Dad | A real life hell hole”

Jim Clark Retirement is the sponsor for these events, there is NO cost to the Host Merchant.  NO donations are accepted at this event, the Host Merchant’s customers are NOT put on the spot.  

Jim Clark Retirement is proud that the first Retail Running Event was hosted by the Kroger grocery company,
a $100 billion annual revenue public company.  This is the only time since Kroger opened its doors for business in 1883 that it has hosted such an event.  It was well received by the community and well covered by the local media.