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Jim Clark Retirement TM is an AMERICAN company.  We believe America is the greatest country on earth. We are PROUD to be Americans.  We work hard, train hard, and study hard in serving our fellow Americans to the best of our ability.  We take pride in our performance.

SH JCR Inc. is the legal name of the company.  It does business as Jim Clark Retirement TM.  We are a for-profit company domiciled in the Great State of Indiana, United States of America.  We are a consulting and business management company that specializes in retirement planning.

Jim Clark is the Founder, Chairman, CEO of Jim Clark Retirement TM.  He is an American Business Owner, Author, and Publisher.  He is not a licensed agent, nor does not sell life insurance or annuities.  Mr. Clark’s full bio and fee schedule are listed under the Clark navigation bar.

Our Clients are licensed insurance agents and agencies who specialize in retirement planning, and therefore wish to do business as Jim Clark Retirement. TM.  A list of the companies they represent, and the states in which they are licensed to do business is available.

Our compensation is fee-based.  Our Clients pay us a fixed annual fee that is not based on their income.  For our fee, we provide consultation relative to business development, business management, and brand association.

Clients referred to in this website are our Client’s customers.  The services and guarantees referred to in this website are provided to our Clients’ customers by our Clients.

Planners referred to in this website are our Clients and their employees.

SH JCR Inc., doing business as Jim Clark Retirement TM, assumes no responsibility for the claims and warranties made by our Clients or their employees.

Endorsements and testimonials presented in this website are not for the corporation SH JCR Inc., dba Jim Clark Retirement. TM, nor are they for our Clients; they are for Jim Clark the individual.  They are presented to illustrate the high standards to which our Clients and their employees are held.

Some of the projects referred to in this website, such as Munchie Machine TM, are in the development stage.  Some of the services referred to in this website, such as Pay-Per-View Events, are occasionally unavailable while they are in reconstruction. Some of the books referred to in this website are pending release.  Some of the dates referred to in this website are approximate.  For the protection of Jim Clark Clients and Employees, images use in this website are stock images.  Jim Clark Planners have 60 months to qualify for the professional designations described herein.  Some Support Team members serve in more than one capacity and handle more than one role as described herein.

Private Retirement Plan TM is a nickname for an Equity Indexed Universal Life policy.

Guaranteed, Safe Annuity TM is a nickname for an Equity Indexed Fixed Deferred Annuity.

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