​How to Avoid Probate 
and manage your assets from the grave"

is an easy-to-read explanation of how to conquer the estate planning monster called Probate.  Experts estimate that between six and twenty-two percent of a person’s estate can be lost in probate.  Six to twenty-two percent!  If you want to protect your estate from the devastation of probate, you won’t want to miss reading this exciting book!


This book needed to be written, and I’m glad my good friend Jim Clark wrote it.

Jim Clark and I have collaborated on estate planning cases for well over 25 years. I can tell you that he has a brilliant mind, and a special talent for making complicated matters easy to understand; he has certainly hit the mark this time.

After practicing law as an estate planning attorney for over 58 years, I can attest that the legal concepts discussed herein are accurate.

The book is just plain fun to read, I give it a thumbs up. Well done, Jim.

Robert C. Ware, AB, J.D.